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Silver Coins from the US Mint 


Welcome to Bullion Express, your ultimate destination for purchasing silver coins from the US Mint. We take immense pride in offering an extensive collection of silver coins, including those minted by the US Mint, such as the American Buffalo and American Eagle coins. As a leading supplier of precious metals, we guarantee the authenticity, quality, and value of each coin we provide. 


American Buffalo Silver Coins 


The American Buffalo silver coin is a breathtaking piece that holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and investors alike. Introduced by the US Mint in 2001, these coins pay homage to the iconic buffalo nickel, featuring a Native American profile on the obverse and an American buffalo on the reverse. 


Struck in 99.9% pure silver, the American Buffalo coin carries a face value of $1, making it a highly valuable and sought-after piece for collectors. Possessing both intrinsic and historical value, investing in American Buffalo silver coins not only diversifies your portfolio but also allows you to own a piece of American heritage. 


American Eagle Silver Coins 


Renowned for its elegance and high silver content, the American Eagle silver coin is a favorite among silver coin enthusiasts. Introduced in 1986, these coins captivate with their magnificent design. The obverse of the American Eagle showcases Lady Liberty, holding a torch and an olive branch, while the reverse displays a bald eagle, symbolizing America’s strength and freedom. 


Each American Eagle silver coin is struck in 99.9% pure silver and carries a face value of $1. These coins hold both artistic and monetary value, making them a perfect investment for both seasoned collectors and beginners. 


Why Choose Silver Coins from the US Mint? 


There are several compelling reasons to choose silver coins from the US Mint for your precious metal collection: 


  1. Authenticity: Coins minted by the US Mint are known for their authenticity, purity, and quality. You can be confident that the silver coins you purchase from us are genuine and meet the highest standards.


  1. Limited Mintage: Many US Mint silver coins, like the American Buffalo and American Eagle, have limited annual mintages. This scarcity adds to their appeal and potential for increased value over time.


  1. Recognized Value: US Mint silver coins are recognized worldwide for their quality and value. They can be easily bought, sold, and traded at reputable dealers and financial institutions.


  1. Historical Significance: US Mint silver coins celebrate American culture, heritage, and artistry. Owning these coins allows you to connect with the historical storytelling behind each piece.


Explore Our Collection of Silver Coins 


At Bullion Express, we offer a wide selection of silver coins from the US Mint, including the iconic American Buffalo and American Eagle coins. Our collection is meticulously curated to ensure authenticity and value, providing you with a seamless and secure purchasing experience. 


Whether you aim to diversify your investment portfolio or simply appreciate the artistic beauty of silver coins, our offerings cater to all. Feel free to browse our collection and explore the elegance and historical significance that US Mint silver coins bring. 


If you have any questions or require assistance, our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to help. Start your journey of owning silver coins from the US Mint today! 


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You can now buy U.S. Mint Silver Coins that are known for their outstanding quality, rich history, and diverse designs. The U.S. Mint, renowned worldwide, offers a wide range of designs that are precisely and carefully minted, from commemoratives to standard issues. By purchasing these silver coins, you not only hold tangible value but also appreciate the details and craftsmanship of each coin.