Junk Silver

90% silver

When you think of silver, you may think of shiny objects or jewelry. What you may not know is what “junk silver” is and understanding the basics of it. Read below for more information.

What is Junk Silver

“Junk Silver” are coins that are solely based on their metal content instead of collectability. As a result, these coins are usually made of 90% silver. According to American Precious metals, junk silver was minted by the United States before 1965 to be used as money. They are called junk because they were used in circulation and have no collector value. Think of it this way, when you search for treasure, often times you were find coins in bags. Those coins are usually junk silver coins with the bag having about a $1,000 face value. Due to this, bags can consist of half dollars, quarters or dimes.

The Value of Junk Silver

Investors have been collecting these coins since 1965; since then, they have become scarce and more desirable. See below for the prices of the three types of junk silver- dimes, halves, and quarters.

90% Silver Dimes

Today, you can get 90% silver dimes for as low as $19.05. Dimes are securely packaged in bags or tubes. If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your silver portfolio, Pre-1965 U.S. Minted Dimes is a great place to start. Not all dimes will be in perfect or near mint condition, but will have legible dates and will range in VG to AU conditions.

90% Silver Half Dollars

Valued at $20.59. Purchasing 90% Silver Halves has become a popular way of acquiring pure silver cost-efficiently.

90% Silver Quarters

Valued at $19.04 The main types of quarters are Barber, Standing Liberty, and Washington.

Understanding Prices

Most investors today buy these coins in a roll or bag, as discussed above. Many silver bags have been melted down for bullion, making these coins relatively easy to acquire. However, the actual price varies based on the spot price of silver. The face value for these coins ranges from as little as $1 up to $1,000.

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