The Austrian Gold Ducat

Austrian Gold 1 Ducat

There are few European mints as well-known as the Austrian Mint. The Austrian Mint has a history as rich as the country itself. Want to learn more about the Austrian Gold Ducat? Read on to learn more about the Austrian ducat, its history, and the different types of ducats they are.

History of the Gold Ducat

People used the ducat coin as a trade coin in Europe from the 13th to 19th centuries. The Austrian Gold Ducat originated in Austria in 1511 and gained international acceptance over the centuries. As a result, the gold ducat circulated preceded the modern British pound as well as the United States dollar. The Gold 1 Ducat was originally issued as a “Trade Coin” for large transactions between neighboring countries, but are now valued for their Gold bullion content and beautiful design. In 1915, the Austrian Mint issued a restrike of these coins after ceasing regular production due to World War 1.

The restrike versions of the coins are considered some of the most beautifully struck coins by the Austrian Mint.Each design provides beauty and elegance. 

Design of the AGD

So, this coin is known for its appealing right head of Emperor Franz Joseph I of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on the obverse side. Joseph was the Emperor of Austria and the longest-reigning king of Hungary during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The coin contains .986 fine gold purity and .1106 ounces of gold. On the reverse side, is a crowned imperial double headed eagle and shield of the Hapsburg Dynasty- Emperor Joseph was the final ruling member. As a result, the ducat has one of the most complex designs.

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