Who Are Silver Stackers?

Silver Stackers

If you’re familiar with precious metals investing, you might have heard about Silver Stackers. You might be wondering, “who are ‘Silver Stackers’ and why do they do what they do?” While the motivation for every Silver Stacker is different, we can tell you more about who they are and what silver products are in their vast collections. Read on to learn more about this subset of bullion collectors.

“Silver Stackers” are investors who buy and save physical silver bullion for the long term. The term “silver stacking” is what silver investors and silver bullion product collectors call the act of stockpiling silvers.

Around the world, Silver Stackers of all ages consistently add precious metals to their portfolios. As a result, you might see these “Stackers” appear on social media websites, like Reddit, and within silver communities showing off videos and photos of their progress saving bullion.

What Kind of Products Do Silver Stackers Buy?

First, let’s start with a list of basic products. Silver stackers buy silver bullion products in all shapes, sizes, and origins. Check out our list of the most popular silver bullion products:

Silver Bars

Silver Bars
A sample of silver bars

Silver bullion bars are made up of highly concentrated silver, typically referred to as 99.9% pure silver. They come from either private refineries or mints (such as the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint of Australia). As a result, they come in many different sizes and designs.

Silver Rounds

Silver Buffalo Round
A Silver Buffalo Round is an example of a popular round.

Silver rounds, not to be confused with coins, have the same .999 fineness as silver bars. Private mints and refiners create silver rounds rather than government mints. Typically, you’ll find lower premiums with silver rounds than with silver bullion coins, and greater production numbers. In addition, silver rounds feature a huge array of different designs and themes.

Silver Bullets

Collection of Silver Bullets
Silver bullets

While you can’t fire silver bullets out of firearms or use them to kill a werewolf, they are a unique and fun means of collecting silver. Similar to bars, they come in many different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of every Silver Stacker.

Silver Coins

1 ounce Silver American Eagle coin - Type 1
The American Silver Eagle is an example of a popular silver coin.

Bullion silver coins are government-issued legal tender with a face value. Depending on the coin, it might have numismatic value, as well. One of the most popular bullion coins is the 1 oz American Silver Eagle as it is the official silver bullion coin of the United States.

Silver Stackers often treat bullion as a long-term savings deposit that they own fully outright with limited risk.

Why is Silver Stacking So Popular?

Besides the fact that it’s fun, Silver Stackers have different motivations for stacking. Below is a list of some common reasons collectors often turn into Silver Stackers:

  • Silver is cheaper than gold and therefore easier to access for some investors.
  • Gold is considered more precious than silver, but they play the same role.
  • Silver bullion is a tangible asset.
  • The silver precious metal has been recognized for its value throughout the history of gold and silver bullion.
  • Some silver stackers like the notoriety of buying silver bullion in larger quantities.

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