The British Silver Britannia

1 oz Silver Britannia

Britain is known for its famous queen, Queen Elizabeth. These silver coin is one of the most iconic coins in the precious metal industry. Want to learn more about the British Silver Britannia and its history? Read on to learn more.

History of the British Silver Britannia

The Britannia is a British bullion coin Royal Mint issues. Established in silver in 1997, the coin features various depictions of Britannia- a feminine personification of the United Kingdom. As a result, starting in 2013, the proof versions of this coin has featured a different design each year. The Royal Mint began producing the 1 oz Silver Britannia coin in 1997 as a limited Proof and then as a bullion coin in 1998. Some 2014 silver Britannia coins were struck with the incorrect obverse as there was a mix up during the manufacturing process with the ‘Lunar’ Year of the Horse coins from The Royal Mint, as both coins were to the same fineness and specification.

Due to this, the coins minted from 1998 to 2012 contain .958 fine Silver, but in 2013, bullion issues were minted with .999 fine Silver. In 2021, the design incorporated additional security features including surface animation, a latent image, tincture lines and micro text to increase security.

Design of the British Silver Britannia

These coins are unique. The British government guarantees them, and each coin contains 1 ounce of silver. As a result, on the obverse side is the bust of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse side depicts the legendary figure of Britannia. As a result, Silver Britannia’s come in sizes of one-half, one-quarter and one-tenth.

Value of the Britannia

These coins are legal tender and backed by the United Kingdom.

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